Guarantee for the goods

in the relations between the entrepreneurs


1. The guarantor ensures good quality and proper operation of its goods provided that factory instructions as for the transportation, assembly and use are respected. The guarantee is granted provided the timely payment for the purchased product. Lack of payment on time causes the expiration of entitlements by virtue of the guarantee.
2. The guarantor grants the guarantee for its goods for the period of 36 months starting from the date of giving the goods to the Buyer.
3. The guarantor is responsible for any defects arising from reasons inherent in the sold product. Any warranty claims shall be excluded.
4. The guarantee shall not cover any defects caused after their sale from any other reasons, in particular as a result of improper use, storage, transportation as well as those resulted after the sales from chance events and other circumstances, for which a supplier or the Buyer cannot be held responsible.
5. The Buyer shall report the complaint in written form within two days:
- after the date of the goods delivery in case of evident defects;
- after the date of their discovery in case of hidden defects.
6. In case of doing the goods technical acceptance by the Buyer in the guarantor's production plant the evident defects shall be reported directly in the acceptance protocol.
7. The Buyer is obliged to give in the notification the date of making available the complained goods for the repair.
8. The complaint should be handled in due time resulting from the nature of the uncovered defect.
9. Term of guarantee shall not be extended, in case of the goods replacement for new one as well. The guarantee shall end according to its original due time.
10. The defective goods which have been replaced for new ones are the guarantor's property.
11. The guarantor is not liable for damages caused by excluding the use of the goods in the period from uncovering the defect to the time of its removal.
12. In case of unjustified complaint, the Buyer is liable to cover the expenses incurred by the guarantor in relation to this complaint.

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